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Ice cubes in a tumbler
Ice cubes openphoto
Iced tea with ice cubes

Nutritional values
Percentages are relative to US recommendations for adults.
Weight conversions
1 unit, large 30 g
1 unit, medium 20 g
1 unit, small 10 g
1 20 g


Ice cubes are small, roughly cube-shaped pieces of ice, conventionally used to cool beverages. Ice cubes are often preferred over crushed ice because they melt more slowly; they are standard in...

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Lexical variants

  • De.png Eisw├╝rfel (Plural not available)
  • Es.png Cubito de hielo (Plural not available)
  • En.png Ice cube (Ice cubes)
  • En.png Ice (Ices)

Recipes using Ice cube

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